My list


Five things I’m willing to lose and will attempt to loseon this upcoming road trip.

  1. I want to lose some things I’ve written. Bad poetry, stupid rants that didn’t need to happen, and letters I have saved, written to people who don’t matter anymore.
  2. I have an awful habit of picking scabs, I need…


Please email with a few things you would be willing to lose. They could be anything from pent up feelings to bad poetry you want to disappear. Our road trip begins Saturday to South Dakota!

Road Trip Blog

My best friends and I are starting a blog called “Things we’re willing to lose” it is about the things you would want to lose. We are going on a road trip out west in a few weeks and we are documenting it there, while along the way figuring out healthy ways to lose the things we don’t need or want anymore. The blog isn’t much so far please try and be patient with us. 

today is a good day. i woke up and opened my curtains to a rainbow over the bay, listened to jake bugg all morning and danced around my house. it will be a good day. 

A tiny play in one tiny act


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Writer, poet, and Heavy & Light performer, Anis Mojgani recently shared this “tiny play" on his Tumblr, The Piano Farm. We think it’s pretty awesome:

A ping pong table in a garage in California. An 8 year old boy and 36 year old man are playing.

8-year old: I feel a little weird.

36-year old: How come?

8-year old: I don’t know.

36-year old: Well what kind of weird. Can you tell what it is, what it feels like?

8-year old: I feel awkward.

36-year old: Awkward?

8-year old: Yeah.

36-year old: Do you know why?

8-year old: No, I just do.

36-year old: That’s okay. I feel a little awkward tonight too.

(via towndruglorde)