"Food doesn’t taste better or worse when documented by Instagram. Laughter is as genuine over Skype as it would be sharing a sofa. Pay attention. Take in nature, hold someone’s hand, read a book. But don’t ever apologize for snapping a photo of a sunrise after a hike, or blogging about the excitement of having a crush, or updating your goodreads account. All of these things are good and should be celebrated. Smile at strangers on the sidewalk and like your friends’ selfies. It’s all good for the human spirit."

My list


Five things I’m willing to lose and will attempt to loseon this upcoming road trip.

  1. I want to lose some things I’ve written. Bad poetry, stupid rants that didn’t need to happen, and letters I have saved, written to people who don’t matter anymore.
  2. I have an awful habit of picking scabs, I need…


Please email thingswerewillingtolose@gmail.com with a few things you would be willing to lose. They could be anything from pent up feelings to bad poetry you want to disappear. Our road trip begins Saturday to South Dakota!